75,000 ( (()) ) Emblems

Performance Lecture, 1 hr 30 mins (2019)

Text, still images, videos, x2 projectors, mirrors,
‘archeological’ tools and chalkboard


                travelogue performance-lecture that wanders and meanders through subjects of history, archaeology, memory and cinematic time. It’s made up of a digressive text, an archive of still images, video vignettes and found sound; drawing from literary references as well as the legacies of structural film and expanded cinema.

Part-fiction, part-travelogue, the storyteller traverses parts of the Mediterranean and South America (Istanbul, Catalhoyuk, the Cyclades, Athens and Tehuantepec).

75,000 looks at:::::
Hollis Frampton’s text A Stipulation of Terms from Maternal Hopi (a fiction disguised as an archæological report about a rudimentary form of proto-cinema found in an underground cave in Mexico (you can access that here)) as well as these things:::::

       /       The very first mirrors created in Ancient Anatolia
         /        The ‘cinematic architecture’ of Bernard Tschumi
      /       Sergei Eisenstein’s montage diagrams
       /       The capacity of LIDAR images



Video Documentation/Teaser 

Performance Photo Documentation

Slides From Performance

Performance Photo Documentation