An Anticipated Meeting

HD Video (2018)
Stereo Sound

A short video adapted from a short story of the same name. Image and text are not aligned so much as separated on interweaving paths that at any one time may intersect. In the moments between them - the narrator and the director - we are asked to question the future of antiquity, art, museums, and those that govern them. The unseen protagonists each represent an inevitable dualism: art’s transformative affect and the neoliberal careerism that has done so well to usurp it.

Taking cues from Jorge Luis Borges and W.G. Sebald, the text creates slippages between moments in time and space, like the muddied interplay between perception and memory in a museum. The still images of the film are personal photographs, reproductions of artworks and archival images - the majority of which were reproduced from the Warburg Institute, London.

Full Video


Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:

British Film Institute, London (Selected for Annual Kingston University Screenings)