Nicola Dale is a Northern artist primarily working with sculpture and performance.

Dale holds a MA with Distinction in Visual Culture and a First Class BA (Hons) in Interactive Arts both from Manchester School of Art. Since then, she has exhibited internationally and undertaken residencies in London and Shanghai, amongst others, and was previously a Library Interventionist at Leeds Arts University (2016).

Her practice is conceptually-rooted, exploring the processes of knowledge-making. Much of her work investigates practices of reading. ‘Figurehead’ documents her recent research in Rome* on the iconography of St Jerome – the patron saint of libraries. The exhibition will manifest as a gallery show and series of performances extending into the new Library.



Nadia Hebson is a painter and installation artist currently based in Stockholm.

Hebson makes paintings, both figurative and abstract, clothing and objects which are intimately but indirectly, linked to the conventions and history of painting. Most recently, working obliquely with the legacy of women artists, her work has sought to comprehend the relationship between painting and clothing through a consideration of the work of Winifred Knights b.1899 d.1946 and Christina Ramberg b.1946 d.1995.

Hebson has also made a series of intense, romantic and darkly atmospheric seascapes and shipwrecks which are reminiscent of the Gustave Doré prints for Samuel Taylor Coleridge's:The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Alongside this, Hebson also works collaboratively to realise talks, programmes and reading groups. Hebson studied at Central St. Martins and the Royal Academy Schools and is a Senior Lecturer in Painting at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.