Participatory ‘Film Studio’ / Video Installation

HD Video, Upturned Desk, Camera and Sound Equipment,
Video Editing Equipment, Monitors, Unfinished Script,
Public Participants,  x2 Facilitators

In Tate Britain’s Learning Gallery, Dennis Isou (Bleakley and Wilson) was invited to create an ad-hoc studio that would house the making of a short film for a period of five days. We had the necessary elements to create the film - the equipment, the props, a backdrop, a script, a storyboard - and asked the public to act as it’s malleable protagonist: Dennis Isou. People of various ages and background embodied the bodiless voice of Isou, altering significantly the form and content of the film as it developed. The resulting film has unfortunately been lost.

Deskwork was the fourth iteration of ‘Dennis Isou’, the pseudonym for a fictitious artist and a collaboration between Mark Bleakley and Josh Wilson.