My projects start with broken bits of writing - ideas, premises, phrases, stories - that manifest into films/videos, texts, installations and performances. In recent years I’ve been creating Essay Films and Performance-Lectures* in an attempt to explore poetics and politics through image, sound and language. The types of themes and topics weaved throughout include, though are not limited to: storytelling, historical narrative, archeology, technology, time, noticing, trains, maps, trees and lichens. Honesty, sincerity and ‘precise doubt’ linger in the work (I hope). With an urge to listen better I have dedicated a section to recorded conversations when they happen over the years.

Collaborations: From 2012-2016 I was one half of the fictitious artist Dennis Isou with artist and choreographer Mark Bleakley. I’ve also had art criticism and essays distributed online and in print and he instigated events with the Newcastle collective Musee Imaginaire, including screenings, gigs, exhibitions, literary walking tours and ad-hoc forums.

Self-aggrandising: (b. 1991 Wirral) My work has been exhibited, screened or staged with Tate Britain, Institute of Contemporary Arts, LUX, Whitechapel Gallery and Jerwood Gallery in London; A3 Project Space, Birmingham; The Northern Charter, Newcastle; Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria; and The Royal Standard, Liverpool.

*If unfamiliar with the terms Essay-Films, I recommend checking out ‘Sans Soleil’ by Chris Marker, ‘Handsworth Songs’ by Black Audio Film Collective,  ‘No Home Movie’ by Chantal Akerman. For Performance-Lectures see In The Long Tail by Mark Leckey. At least, these pieces were my introduction.