Manc Lacuna

Film Project

Temporarily Abandoned - might be some sort of text now

Manc Lacuna was to be a meandering, psychogeographic film based in Manchester from the perspective of an unseen protagonist who touches on it’s history, politics, architecture and everyday life by blending observations and trailing thoughts with speculative fictions and a kind of dream-space.

Fixated with a memory of passing through Manchester as a teenager, the protagonist struggles to purge a vivid image from his mind: that all those years ago when looking through a train window, his head against the glass, the dark underside of the railway viaduct running parallel began to pulse with extraordinary, incongruous scenes as they flew by. Each of the viaduct’s hundreds of semi-circular archways and alcoves flashed with stark images - meta-fictions, meta-histories, meta-futures of the city.

As he returns to Manchester a decade later, he works at deciphering how much of this ‘memory’ was in fact fiction, and embarks on a drifting journey through the city, walking to and fro through it’s distant industrial history, it’s recent counter-cultural past and it’s neoliberal future by an elusive, silent vagabond.

The Lacunae of the title (plural for Lacuna) denotes certain kinds of empty spaces. This space could be the dark underside of the railway viaduct arch as depicted in the film, it could also be empty Mancunian factories, it could be the black leader of a film, it could be a kind of silence, it could be an ellipsis, it could be the darkness of your closed eyelid or an empty mind. I believe that all such spaces - dark and vacant - are the necessary spaces for the new. Each Lacuna, as such, is less a void than the anticipated space waiting to be filled.

The idea for this film was also an important pre-cursor to Towards Unordering and Doubt, many of the ideas of which grew out of this abandoned project.

I’m unsure how it could exist in the future: a film, a book, an installation.

Some of the above are found and treated images - most are personally recorded photographs or stills from test footage.