photo: Rob Battersby

Notes from Dennis Isou (2013)

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Exhibition Consisting of Video, Sound and Installation

Notes from Dennis Isou was a collaborative graduate exhibition with Artist and Choreographer Mark Bleakley, playfully overlapping our interests in cinema, architecture, advertising, performance and the politics of spectatorship. The two main pieces in the exhibition were devised as sculptural structures that would house site-specific videos; including a 4m high projection screen (resembling a protest banner) and a table in which TV monitors functioned as table legs. Much of the architecture was emphasised through subtle interventions such as the gaps in the painted floor and the long looping wires of customised light fittings overhead. The other pieces of the exhibition were readymade/sculptural extensions of a project of mine where I had commissioned a writer to continue the narrative of a McDonalds advertisement from the 90’s. This manifested in a ‘billboard’ containing a text piece and a customised car seat, with a CD player and headphones in which the reading of a script could be heard. Notes from Dennis Isou also included numerous performances choreographed by Bleakley and performed by a commissioned dance artist. 

Notes from Dennis Isou was the first iteration of ‘Dennis Isou’ - the pseudonym for a fictitious artist and a collaboration between Mark Bleakley and Josh Wilson.

4m High Projection Screen containing x2 Site-Specific Videos, Stereo Sound

Film-still from ‘Everything Under the Sun’, a site-specific video for 4m high projection screen

x2 Site Specific Videos on TV Monitors functioning as ‘table legs’ Under a Glass Pane, Silent

Film-still from ‘Square #1’ a site specific video on a TV monitoe supporting a glass table-top

Billboard with Text Piece & Customised Car Seat with CD player and headphones

From ‘Oscillations’, a performance choreographed by Mark Bleakley