Site-Writings for Florence

Performance (2016)
Text, Photographs, x1 Reader
30 mins approx.

 'Site-Writings for Florence' consists of six segments of a text that was written in response to different environments with a mirror placed in each around Florence mine (an obselete iron-ore mine) in West Cumbria. Each environment and mirror was documented with a photograph. Throughout the reading, each photograph projected corresponds with each segment of the text.

Whilst in residence at Florence Arts Centre, I responded to the architecture, scattered mining relics and surrounding landscape. I placed a mirror in six ‘scenes’, and the reflective prop awakened as character and analogy for a window into another possible landscape. Just as the mirror contains the illusion of elsewhere, the text similarly operates in this way, moving from description into fiction and vice versa. The six texts within each scene were written quickly and in-situ, embracing subjectivity and the body within the immediate moment, within the cosmos of the landscape itself - touching the residue of industry, masculinity and the entropic chaos of nature.

The text is read in a similar metre and tone with which it was written. The term ‘site-writings’ is appropriated from the writer and art/architecture critic Jane Rendell, who in her book, has theorised and practised what she has called ‘writing architecture’. It has since occured to me how much Robert Smithson had silently informed Site-Writings for Florence; in particular his ‘Mirror Displacements’ series and his text ‘A Tour of the Monuments of Passiac’.

Slides From The Performance

Performance Documentation (Extract), Florence Arts Centre, Cumbria with volume up and full screen

Second Performance, The Royal Standard, Liverpool