The Jump (2014)

Performance-Essay, 30 mins

HD Video, Speakers,
Text, x2 Performers

The Jump was an experiment to see how an essay could be translated into a multimedia performance. The essay I had written, also called ‘The Jump’ , was about a very particular cinematic phenomenon: when a film, at the moment of it’s greatest intensity, recieves an ‘irrational cut’ to near stillness. This moment produces what the philosopher Henri Bergson terms ‘motility’ - or inner feelings of action. Whilst in the cinema, when the optical and sonic rhythms vibrate to an extreme, the ‘irrational cut’ to near stillness seemingly causes the rhythm to enter into the spectator, and this, I argue, has the potential to radicalise oneself, by breaking with the presumed linearity of filmic causation and catalysing an inner psychical Jump. After a three month research and development residency at The Northern Charter in Newcastle, Mark and I were interested in the boundary between theory and practice, and so the residency culminated in devising what we termed a ‘Performance-Essay’ under the pseudonym of the fictitious artist Dennis Isou.

The Jump was the second iteration of ‘Dennis Isou’, a pseudonym for a fictitious artist, and a collaboration between artists Mark Bleakley and Josh Wilson.